Best Off Road Hoverboard 2021

November 11, 2021 2 min read


Although hoverboards have a self-balancing feature making them easy to ride, getting comfortable with starting, stopping and turning may take a little practice. Beginners should take it slow and master the fundamentals before moving to off-road conditions.

Off-road hoverboards

Despite the name, a hoverboard doesn’t ride on a cushion of air. It is a self-balancing, battery-powered board that rolls along on wheels. The best terrain for riding is a flat, dry surface, like a playground.

If you want a hoverboard that can handle hills, bumps, a variety of terrain and wet surfaces, you need to have a few unique features. This article will offer a brief rundown on the most critical elements for off-road hoverboarding and list the top choices for models currently available on the market.

Features needed for an off-road hoverboard

UL 2272 certified

UL 2272 is the standard for determining if an electrical mobility device operates safely. This is not just a requirement for off-road hoverboards. All hoverboards must be UL 2272 certified.

Large wheels

Large pneumatic wheels are the best for navigating uneven surfaces and absorbing bumps for a smoother ride.

Aggressive tread

If you want to ride on loose materials such as dirt, gravel or sand, you need aggressive treads to gain traction. Aggressive treads will also make it possible to ride in slick conditions.


Riding off-road means you will encounter hills. Most hoverboards do not have the power to climb even low-grade inclines. You will want a model that can move you uphill or else your off-road adventure isn’t going to be much fun.

Rugged build

You need a hoverboard that can easily support your weight. If you want to take your hoverboard off-road, you must have a shock-resistant, dust-resistant and waterproof model.

Best hoverboards for off-road use

Organized from highest to lowest, the most expensive hoverboards in this list cost over $279, while the most affordable one is $169.


 To help protect both you and your hoverboard, this model features headlights and bumpers. It also comes with a system and battery indicator to let you know your hoverboard is in top operating condition. While it has impressive power and speed, the tires on this model are slightly less capable of handling extreme off-road conditions. 

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 This ruggedly constructed off-road hoverboard has large tires for a smoother ride and enough power to make it up a 10-degree incline. It can reach a top speed of 6 mph and support a rider who weighs up to 90kg.

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 This model has built-in speakers so you can take your music along with you when you go for a ride. The durable tires can handle grass, dirt, gravel and wet surfaces, while the larger wheels help smooth out the bumps on your trail.

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