March 10, 2022 2 min read

Start up


        First of all, thank you very much for buying HyperGOGO's hoverboard, have fun!

        Once you press the start button, you will notice six lights on the Hoverboard. Three lights on one side represent the battery status, and on the other side, three lights represent the start status, self-balancing system, and fault alarm.

        So you know now, why there are always only two lights on one side of the hoverboard when riding, because they don't represent battery power.

Self-balancing system



        If you are a new player, don't worry, HyperGOGO's self-balancing system will assist you in controlling your balance. It should be noted that when using the hoverboard, new players should try to choose a smooth road and look ahead while riding so that you will have better control of your Hoverboard.

        Secondly, when you want to get off from the hoverboard, please step back and get off so that you can get off safely and smoothly, otherwise, you may fall down because you lose your balance when getting off.

Overheat protection device



    HperGOGO hoverboard's battery is wrapped by flame retardant material, all our products are UL 2272 certified, please feel free to buy.
        In some cases (when the ambient temperature is too high, or when riding at maximum speed for a long time), the Hoverboard may trigger the overheating protection system, at this time, you will find that the balance bike looks like it has no power, he lost his self-balance, and no indicator light will be on. Don't worry, it means that the balance bike needs at least 15 minutes to cool down the motor and battery to prevent the danger, please also understand.