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There are four colors: Desert CamouflageStandard CamouflagePurple Black.

Choose the color that you favorite.

DUAL Motor with Dual Independent

Gyros Net Weight: 14.5 LBS

Max Speed: 7.4 MPH

Loading Limits: 33 LBS~165 LBS

Battery Input: 100-240V

Wheel Size: 6.5 inches

Product Description

HypergogoAbout HYPER GOGO

HYPER GOGO specialized in designing hoverboards and is committed to bringing you happy travel to go.

self balancing hoverboard

self balancing hoverboard



self balancing scooter


Black Hoverboard for Kids with 6.5" RGB LED and Bluetooth, Smart Self-balancing Scooter


Black Hoverboard with lights Specifications 

Brand Hyper GOGO
Model EL-ES13
Color Black
Lithium-ion Battery 2.0Ah, 36V Internal Battery Cells
Motor Dual Motor with Dual Independent Gyros
Distance on full charge 5 km / 3.1miles
Charging Temperature O·c to 40 "C / 32 ° F to 104 ° F
Charging time 2 to 3 hours
Input DC 42V=1A
Max Speed 12 km/h or 7.4 MPH
Max Loading 75KGs / 165 LBS
Mini Loading 15 KGs / 33 LBS
Max Climbing Limit 15 degree
Frame Material Aluminum with Plastic Components
Wheel size 165mm / 6.5 inch
Product Dimensions 574*176*175mm / 22.6*6.92*6.88 inch
Net Weight 10kgs / 22LBS
Power DUAL motor with dual independent gyros(250W*2)


Package Included:
1 x Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter (UL 2272 Certified)
1 x UL Certified Charger 
1 x User Manual


Customer Reviews

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Akima C.

Cool hoverboard!!!

William M.
no complaints

Purchased this for my 55 lb 6 year old. He has logged probably 30 to 40 hours with out issue. So I have no complaints!