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Black Sport Hoverboard 6.5" Off-Road Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter Hoverboard with Bluetotooth

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Fastest Hoverboard for Sport. The world's first off road hoverboard with 3D wormhole motor! Go on streets, mud, sand, or snow. The hoverboard with bluetooth speaker allow you enjoy music from all bluetooth available music device.

  • * UL 2272 Certified board with UL2271 Certified Battery.
  • * 6.5” inch Off-road Tires and Alloy Wheels
  • * Bluetooth Speaker
  • * Hoverboard go sport with Max Speed 9 km
  • * IP54 Waterproof Certified

Black Sport Hoverboard Features

  • Better design: The world's first hoverboard with 3D wormhole motor! SO COOL! As seen on Youtube News, these 3D wormhole wheel and frame lights from ASIWO are the hottest new thing to hit SoCal and trend-setting cities across America. Your hoverboard will be the coolest in the street, you will be focus!GUARANTEED! Get Ready to Ride in Style! 
  • Safe: Tested free from any potential fire hazards and has passed UL testing requirements based on the national standards for electrical safety. IP54 Waterproof Dust Leve. The 6.5-inch rubber all terrain tires also allows a more comfortable riding experience on different road condition.
  • Smart: The self-balancing feature, which is perfect for new riders, is complemented by bluetooth to connect to smartphones and plays music.
  • Performance: All powerful 700W dual motors - each with 350w - driving you ahead of everyone, maintain a 12-15 kilometer range, easily climb slopes and maneuver close spaces.
  • Value-added features: Include an LED Lighting system that provide better illumination on poor lit condition, Bluetooth speaker - Allows you to listen to your favorite music, non-slip unique design foot pad.

Commitment To Safety
UL 2271 certified battery pack and wth an UL2272 certification. With its flame-resistant frame, Stop Safe Technology, and the new smart Battery Management System (BMS) you are free to adventure, safer.

The BMS system monitors and protects:

  • Against Overvoltage / short circuiting.
  • Against Overheating.
  • Against Overcharging.
  • Against Overcurrent.

ALL Terrain Tires
Equipped with 6.5 inch tires that allow smooth ride over all terrain. Large shock absorbent solid rubber tires to conquer obstacles.Larger wheels help keep you steady while on bumpy terrain.

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
You can play music with Built-In high quality Bluetooth speakers.

Anti-Fire Protection
Tested free from any potential fire hazards and has passed UL2272 requirements based on the national standards for electrical safety.

Sport Hoverboard Specifications

Brand Hyper GOGO
Model EL-ES06
Color Black
Lithium-ion Battery 4.0Ah, 25.2V Internal Battery Cells
Motor Dual Motor with Dual Independent Gyros
Distance on full charge 9 km / 6 miles
Charging Temperature O·c to 40 "C / 32 ° F to 104 ° F
Charging time 2 to 3 hours
Input DC 29.4V=1.5A
Max Speed 9 km/ 6 MPH
Max Loading 90KGs / 198 LBS
Mini Loading 15 KGs / 32 LBS
Max Climbing Limit 10 degree
Frame Material Plastic
Wheel size 165mm / 6.5 inch
Product Dimensions 632*165*176 mm/ 24.9*6.5 *7 inch
Net Weight 8.5kgs / 18.5LBS


Package Included:
1 x Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter (UL 2272 Certified)
1 x UL Certified Charger 
1 x User Manual


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